About Us

Since 1990, we’ve combined our knowledge and skills, and have developed a unique variety of “once in a lifetime” adventures for our guests on theirs horse pack trips.

It is our goal to manage our guide territory for the finest wilderness experience possible. In cooperation with the respective government agencies, we’re accountable for our resources and oversee individual management plans, such as Range and Wildlife in our Guide Area Plan.

This plan ensures sustained and compatible uses for a quality wilderness tourism product. Our Grizzly Research, for example, looks at population trends. This information is then used in decisions regarding resource management.

Resource management is integrated into our daily operations, and we provide many opportunities for guest involvement. For example, guides and guests use our wildlife sighting forms to bring back information on specific wildlife herds for accurate population counts. Our guests collect grizzly hair samples from rub trees for DNA analyses to determine bear movements, home ranges, and populations.

horse pack trips
Our focus is on education, participation and safety. An extensive guest orientation is provided at the beginning of horse trips, and this sets the stage for safe participation. This theme continues throughout each trip. Special features, such as reliable mountain Cayuse horses with “taps” on our stirrups, staff training and the matching of guests to trip levels, all attest to our commitment to safety during the horse pack trips.

A Special Kind Of Guest

Our wilderness adventures attract visitors from around the world, British Columbia and Canada. They are as diverse as our trip types, yet have plenty in common: a keen sense of adventure, and the desire to learn, participate and achieve an understanding of the wilderness. They come as singles and groups, families and friends, young and old, novice and advanced.

Many of our guests come back time and time again to experience different adventures, new camps, and higher levels of trips. These are the tried and tested. Once we get to know their abilities and interests, we are able to match them with other tried and tested guests, and this makes for excellent group combinations. It is the perfect way for us to customize your adventure.

A Tribute To Our Staff

We have an outstanding quality of staff, and our guides are trained on our operating procedures and standards. They come from varied backgrounds, and their expertise is matched to each trip. You’ll be impressed with their knowledge and willingness to communicate with guests from every walk of life and level of outdoor skill. Most important, they know how to judge situations, and assess the abilities and limits of our guests. In many ways, our staff are like our horses … calm and stable!

horse pack tripsA Special Horse

Not just any horse can take our riders safely and reliably through the mountains. Our horses are sure-footed Mountain Cayuse horses from the Cariboo-Chilcotin where the wild herds still roam. The Chilcotin Mountain Cayuse is not a thoroughbred, but a mixture of breeds that have developed over many generations. They have stamina and toughness, lots of energy, intelligence and a good disposition. They are patient and gentle with small children, yet spirited enough for experienced riders. Whatever your age or riding experience, we have just the horse for you.

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